ABT Legal


Dear Clients and Business Partners,

Our offices have taken all necessary precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Under the current circumstances the health of our employees and clients is the most important for us. Therefore, beside the strict hygiene measures that we introduced weeks ago we have reorganized our working practice as well.

Although our offices remain open most of our attorneys work from home and, with regard to communication with our clients, we prefer telephone, e-mail and other means of communication that do not require personal contact.

Even under these exceptional circumstances we are always at your disposal.

Let us take care of each other so that the common efforts are not in vain!

ABT Legal is a Budapest based partnership of law firms providing legal assistance to domestic and foreign clients. Our ambition is to offer high quality practical legal advice focusing on the clients’ needs.

Our partners and associates are devoted professionals being passionate about serving clients to the highest standard. We are eager to find the most suitable and practical solutions to support business. We offer our depth of experience and awareness of market practice to our clients, who can rely on our team’s innovative mindset and  willingness to design optimal structures to achieve their legal and business goals.

Our cooperation with ABT group enables us to provide complex assistance together with ABT’s experts including among others tax, HR, payroll and IT security  specialists in English, Hungarian, and in German. We are committed to know and understand our clients and their businesses in order to provide the most suitable advice to  them. We have decades of experience in cooperating with foreign legal advisors as well as domestic professional advisors of all kinds.

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