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Change of lock down restrictions

The Government partially released its restrictive measures (Government Decree no. 71/2020 (III.27.)) in its new Governmental Decree no. 168/2020. (IV. 30.). The most important provision of the new decree is that it maintains the scope of the lock down restrictions in Budapest and Pest county which means the easement of the restrictions affects exclusively other areas of the country. Although the lock down restrictions are ceased, as of 4 May, 2020, other measures for the safety of life and property shall continue to prevail.

Accordingly, everyone (i.e. not only those who are in Budapest and Pest county) is obliged to maintain social distancing and to keep as far as possible 1.5 meter distance between others furthermore, everyone is obliged to cover his/her face (for example by wearing a mask, scarf or a kerchief) when buying in stores or using public transport.

Furthermore, the provisions, which prescribe that persons over 65 years of age shall visit groceries, drug stores, pharmacies and other shops selling medicine and medical aid between 9.00 to 12.00 a.m., shall prevail. During this part of the day others shall not visit these stores and besides persons over 65 years of age exclusively the employees shall be there.

It is important that the new governmental decree expressly determines that every shop can be opened and visited by costumers including outdoor water parks, outdoor museums, zoos, and other service providers. With regard to catering businesses the existing restrictions shall prevail and third persons shall not visit these businesses and exclusively the employees shall be there (except takeaway service). Regardless of the possibility of opening and visiting these businesses the provisions concerning social distancing shall always be applied and this is the responsibility of the operators of such businesses.